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Museum District Eye Center Discusses Treatments for Cataracts

Cataracts, a clouding of the lens of the eyes, often occurs with aging, but younger individuals may also develop them. Victims of cataracts often experience blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and a decrease in color perception. At Museum District Eye Center in Houston, TX, we offer treatments to remove cataracts and provide better vision for our patients.

Diagnosing Cataracts

Your optometrist in Houston can provide comprehensive eye exams to detect cataracts. In the early stages, the eye doctor will ensure you have the right eye prescription to help you to see clearly. Your Houston eye doctor will also monitor your cataracts carefully and will advise you when surgery is necessary.

Surgical Treatment for Cataracts

Cataract surgery is generally advised when the clouding of the lens begins to interfere significantly with the ability to perform normal activities. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the eye before high-frequency ultrasound waves are used to break up the natural lens of the eye. Sometimes, a laser device is used for this process. The remnants are carefully removed, and an artificial intraocular lens is positioned securely in place. Then the incision is closed. Your eyes will continue to heal over a period of weeks, and follow-up visits to your eye doctor in Houston will ensure that healing proceeds normally. The doctor will prescribe drops to prevent infection as well as a round of oral antibiotics. You will be advised to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against sunlight. You should also avoid heavy lifting and getting water in your eyes during the recovery period.

Make Museum District Eye Center Your Ophthamologist in Houston, TX

Dr. Charles Garcia utilizes his extensive training in ophthalmology to help his patients in Houston, TX and surrounding areas achieve better vision. Our team of eye care professionals can provide a variety of services, including examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK surgery, and treatment of eye diseases. Call Museum District Eye Center today, at 713-333-0151 for an appointment to learn more about treatments for cataracts.

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